The game between the Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys was more Pro Wrestling than Pro Football, and what had started in all honesty as a boring match enveloped into one of the greatest nights in the history of our sport. The classic "bad guy" vs "real American hero". The inanimate object that became central to the outcome of the matchup. The back and forth in the final possessions, including a fake punt audibled on 4th and 11.

There was near fall after near fall. Just when it looked like the season was lost through Anthony Brown's hands, a stunning finish came out of nowhere.

Derek Carr saw the end zone and thought he could outrun any surrounding Cowboy. Jeff Heath's music hit and he ran down and made a dive attempt on the one yard line, causing Carr to fumble and give Dallas a win via touchback.

It was so wacky but a win is a win. At that rate, no one would have been surprised if the stadium lights would have immediately gone dark. As the lights returned a few moments later, Ezekiel Elliott would be found brooding high up in a suite staring down at the field. There would be no post game show.

As Zeke points at the scoreboard and mouths "IM BACK", Al Michaels would yell frantically that they are out of time and asks you to tune in next week as the road to the playoffs continues with the Cowboys Championship hopes somehow still alive. As the screen fades to black, Gene Steratore rips his black and white uniform to reveal a blue shirt with a Silver Star.

What is Ezekiel Elliott making his crowd popping return to? Despite missing six games, Elliott still has a good shot at eclipsing the thousand yard mark for the season, needing 217 in the final two games.

Todd Gurley II just ran over the Legion of Boom for 152 yards and three touchdowns in one game, just one short of the great Al Bundy's famous mark. Elliott will be looking to make a statement, and Dallas will want to feed him early and get Prescott some field spacing. Seattle gave up a total of 244 Rushing Yards to the Rams, a week after giving up 156 to the Jaguars.

The Seattle defense is a shell of their former self, and has in fact, started to turn on themselves. They are hurt, they are mad, and their playoff chances took a major blow in the loss to the Falcons.

As the Cowboys have seemingly rallied for Jason Garrett and made a late season push, the Seahawks and Pete Carroll are in turmoil. A desperate team is a dangerous team, and both teams fit the profile. Is Sting still on the Dallas Cowboys payroll?

As big as the storylines felt at the conclusion of Dallas v. Oakland, the athletic soap opera that is the NFL continues. The next game is always the biggest game. Something will have to give on Sunday. One city will be stylin' and profilin', and one city will be falling on hard times.

Was Sunday's win by Dallas a shoot or a work? Are the playoffs still real to you? Share your thoughts with Irvin on Twitter @twittirv.