Cowboys linebacker Jaylon Smith has been going through OTA practices without a brace on his left foot.

"To have the brace off now, it's kinda added value to what I bring to the table," the third-year linebacker said.

Smith dealt with a debilitating drop foot issue, after a violent knee injury in college, that cost him a year on the field, and some of his quickness. But the Cowboys are seeing that return, now.

"I think he's moving more spontaneously now," head coach Jason Garrett said. "You'll see him get in a compromising position, and react his way out of it physically, maybe better than he had before."

"You know, it's all about God's timing," Smith said. "It's gonna continue to get better. You know, that race to 100%."

And in addition to losing the brace, Jaylon has gotten in outstanding shape.

"I'm up 8 pounds of muscle mass, 3.5% body fat, you know, back down. I'm leaner. I'm stronger.

Wait, did you say you have 3.5% body fat?


Anybody on the team got a better number than that?

"I'm not sure. Good genes. Ask my brother," Smith said with a laugh, about running back Rod Smith. "Nah, I'm killing my brother. I'm killing him."

If he really does have 3.5% body fat, he's beating just about every *human* in that category.

So don't feel bad, Rod.