As much as many Dallas Cowboys fans want to lose their minds over Dak Prescott's 2017 season, it's important to remember, it is the NFL. Virtually no one has a great year, every year.

"I went through it my first season, was 0-11 as a starter," former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman said. "We were 1-15."

"I remember in 1974, they were booing me," fellow former Cowboys QB Roger Staubach said.

"In the later years, it made me realize how hard winning in this league was," Aikman added.

We talked with Cowboys legends Aikman and Staubach on Thursday about the guy who is doing their old job now. Boil it down, their thoughts on Dak Prescott basically amount to "Cowboys fans need to chill."

"I wouldn't be surprised if he's out somewhere throwing footballs right now, or watching film, or doing something that's gonna make himself better," Aikman said.

Oh, and there's another thing -- it isn't all on the quarterback.

"I think that most everyone in that organization," Aikman said. "From top to bottom, could look themselves in the mirror and say they've got to do a better job for this team to improve."

Prescott has sought out advice from his predecessors.

"He was asking me 'How's it feel getting old?' And what's it like getting injuries," Staubach joked.

But both Staubach and Aikman believe Prescott's got the goods.

"The key thing that a quarterback has to do is transfer that confidence to your teammates," Staubach said. "And Dak's got that skill."

"What they had last year was really special, and you've got to take advantage of those years," Aikman said. "This year was tough. But they've got to put in a little more time and effort. And I'm sure that they will. There will be a sense of urgency for them."

In short:

"He'll be fine," Aikman said.

So, chill.