There is zero lack of confidence amongst the Dallas Cowboys defense.

"I think I said it earlier in the season, we're the best defense," defensive tackle Tyrone Crawford said, with a big pause for effect. "Period."

By virtually any metric, the Cowboys have the best defense of the eight remaining teams in this postseason.

That's never a bad thing.

But is it as good a thing as it used to be? Does defense still win championships in the NFL.

"Yeah, definitely," cornerback Chido Awuzie said. "You have to have a defense to win a championship."

"Always man, that's just a part of it," defensive tackle Antwaun Woods said.

I mean, it's historically been a part of it, I said to Woods, but you don't think that's changing at all?

"No, that'll never change."

Perhaps. But look at the numbers -- of the league leaders in yards allowed per play, the Cowboys are the top remaining team. But that's only because the top 7 are already sitting at home -- and five of them didn't even make the postseason.

Points allowed per game? It's similar -- the top 5 are playing golf. Dallas is 6th

"I definitely think you can win with defense," Crawford said. "And we're gonna run and hit, that's what we're bred to do under this defense, and so we just gotta go out there and do it."

If defense does still win championships, the Cowboys have the best one left. And with teams like the Rams, Saints, Chiefs, and Patriots looming as possible opponents through the balance of the postseason they better show it.

"We know we are, when we play at our standard," Woods said. "But we've got to do it week in and week out, so, it doesn't matter if we don't do it Saturday. So we gotta show up Saturday, and be the best defense in the NFL."

Like I said... no lack of confidence. Now they have to make it matter on Saturday.