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Cowboys great Everson Walls makes push for Hall of Fame

Everson Walls didn't see a career in football coming.

"I was surprised I made it to Grambling!" he said with a laugh.

And the talent evaluators in the NFL didn't see his promise either.

"There were twelve rounds in the draft at that time," Walls said. "And no one thought I was good enough to make it."

But now, here he is. The Cowboys great, who also played with the Giants and Browns, is a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2018.

Walls was a ball hawk, through and through. His 57 career interceptions rank him Top 10 all-time among cornerbacks. And he's the only corner in league history to lead the NFL in interceptions in three different seasons.

"I just always believed that 'I can get that ball.' I don't have to defer to [the wide receiver]. That can be mine."

And he made it his. Many, many times.

He also was a cerebral player, calling the defense for the Giants in Super Bowl XXV, against the vaunted K-Gun offense of Jim Kelly.

"[Then Giants defensive coordinator Bill] Belichick countered Kelly with me."

It won't be easy for Walls to gain enshrinement, up against some big names.

"It's a tough group," Walls said. "I talked to a guy this morning, we had to laugh... I said 'yeah, [Randy] Moss', oh Moss? Yeah, and I was like 'Ray Lewis', and he's like 'aw man, Ray Lewis?'

"And the more names I started naming, the more disappointed he got! So we know it's gonna be a tough task."

But there's a groundswell of support, for a man who not only was a great player, but also a great friend, donating his kidney to the late Ron Springs, who suffered from diabetes.

"I can't even think of how happy he would be, I can't think of all the jokes he would be telling. He would probably want to emcee my Hall of Fame party. God, I never really thought about that. I think that would've been the most amazing thing if he was here for that."

I mean, really, who doesn't want to vote for this guy?

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