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Dale's Extra Point: 'We will all miss Shirley Kost, the Cookie Lady'

Shirley Kost would hand cookies out to other fans, media, front office personnel - she was a friend to everyone.

DALLAS — I've always thought it takes a special person to be a Texas Rangers fan and Shirley Kost was as special as anyone I've had the pleasure to meet. 

Everybody called her the "cookie lady," because she's been bringing cookies to the Rangers for more than 30 years. I've eaten a lot of them over years and I think it shows.

Shirley and her husband Cal were as much a part of Spring Training with the Rangers as any of the players and coaches we were there to follow. She was a friend to everybody she met. 

How can you not like someone who smiles as much as she did? And brought cookies.

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Shirley Kost died Thursday at age 82. An incredibly special lady because she was a Rangers fan and that's hard. I think it's easy to be a Cowboys fan even though they don't win much anymore, but at least they have. 

The Rangers have never won it all, but no matter how bad they were, Shirley Kost and her cookies were always there. We will all miss the "Cookie Lady."

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