Globe Life Park. The carefully manicured grass... perfectly raked dirt... pristine foul lines. It's almost time for a baseball game.

And here come the players. High school players.

"Ohh, honestly, I can't describe it," Southlake Carroll senior Bergen Krug said. "Walking out the tunnel, seeing everything. It's special. It's crazy."

Southlake Carroll and Flower Mound Marcus, playing their three game regional final series at the home of the Rangers.

"Monday morning coach texted us, and it was kinda excitement in the room," Marcus senior Mitchell Dickson said. "That's an understatement, yeah. We were going crazy!"

It's the first UIL playoff series played at Globe Life Park

"If we're doing our jobs, the palce is always busy," Rangers Senior VP of Operations & Events Sean Decker said. "So it doesn't always fall into place, but this time it did."

"To play a regional final game here, and the stakes are this high, to go to Round Rock," Carroll head coach Larry Vucan said, "it's a special time."

The outfield wall here is a little deeper than it would be at a typical high school field, particularly in the power alleys. But otherwise, everybody out here is just trying to remind themselves, it's just a baseball diamond.

"It's gonna seem bigger," Vucan said. "The pitcher, when he's on the mound, is gonna look down, the catchers gonna look like a little mouse.

"We talked to 'em, showed 'em a little bit of Hoosiers, where they measure the basket, measure the distance in that movie, to say 'it's the same'. The only difference is what's around it."

"Shortstops making the play, he's looking at empty seats over here," Marcus head coach Jeff Sherman said, "instead of a chain link fence. It's all about eyes, concentrating on the eyes. There's a lot more distractions here than there is at a high school park."

But forget distractions. This weekend... is all about memories.

"It's amazing. I just wish I can get here one day," Dickson said. "It's my dream."

A dream... realized.