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Busch outduels Harvick for win at TMS

Kevin Harvick had a chance to win a race today... and didn't.

"We had a pathetic two days on pit road, because we can't get pit guns that work in our pit stalls."

This was a race day where several big names bowed out early, in a crash on lap 178.

Harvick jumped to 2nd with less than 100 laps to go, only to be sent back in the pack, do to a penalty on his pit crew.

"Today we had to pit under green, and got ourselves a lap down because the pit guns work half the time, and they don't work half the time."

But who wound up here in Victory Lane, popping champagne corks and celebrating in the confetti, would come down to the final restart.

Kyle Busch, running 1-2 with Harvick, rocketed out of the restart.

"Certainly was a good last restart, that I was able to go into turn 1 single file, by myself, and not have Kevin on my outside," Busch said.

But now Busch had 23 laps where he had to hold Harvick off.

"I thought he was maybe a little bit quicker," Busch said. "He could just hang on to my wake a little bit better."

Harvick shaved tenths of a second off Busch's lead for several laps in a row, but could never quite chase him down.

"He did a good job of not making any mistakes there at the end," Harvick said, "and kept his car on the bottom, and never gave us an opening to really drive in there and capitalize on a mistake."

Harvick still left feeling like there was another reason the 4 car didn't win today.

"I feel bad for the guys on pit road," Harvick said, "because they get handed absolutely inconsistent pieces of equipment, and today it cost us a race."

But that mattered little to Kyle Busch's son Brexton, who was all too happy to celebrate in Victory Lane.

"All he ever wants to do is win... imagine where that comes from," Busch said. "He's all about wanting to make sure I get to Victory Lane and we get to go celebrate and play with confetti. And he just wants to be thrown up really high in the air. And he says he'll crash every competitor out there in order to get it done."

But be careful Brexton -- there's a price to be paid.

"I'm hoping he realizes how many times I threw him in the air, and how many times he's gonna have to take care of my diapers when I get old," Busch joked.

Good luck, kid.