There’s unrest in the kingdom.

Augusta National, the prestigious golf course set to host this weekend’s Masters, has reportedly banned the phrase “Dilly Dilly” from the tournament.

The viral slogan invented by Bud Light in a series of TV commercials that began airing last year is among the phrases often shouted at tournaments when golfers hit a shot. “Baba Booey!” and “get in the hole!” are also popular among patrons.

Augusta, though, is cracking down. According to Bryce Ritchie of the British golf site Bunkered, security staff were given a sheet of banned phrases at the tournament. “Dilly Dilly” was among them. Patrons heard shouting the phrase will be “removed,” according to Ritchie.

Bud Light caught wind of the news, and responded on Twitter with an announcement that it would send 1,000 shirts to Georgia “in time for the festivities.”

“Your king hath received word that the guards of the Green Jacket plan to escort any patron who dare utter Dilly Dilly off yon premises.

Except for myself, I am against tyranny in all forms. So, I have instructed my royal tailors to make 1,000 Dilly Dilly shirts that shall be delivered to Georgia in time for the festivities.

For if thou cannot say Dilly Dilly, thou can still wear Dilly Dilly.”

Even if you don’t care who takes home the famous Green Jacket, it’s worth tracking the golf club’s handling of people wearing the silly slogan.