Frisco -- In 62 seconds, Cowboy fans took an agonizing trip from hell-yeah to heartbreak.

That was was the clock time between Dak Prescott's go-ahead touchdown with 1:13 left against the Packers and Aaron Rodgers game-winning touchdown with 11 seconds left in the game.

And with the way this Cowboys team is constructed, it figures to be a preview of things to come. Cowboys fans buck up. The rest of this season is going to be a thrill ride.

It took Aaron Rodgers latest Houdini act to break Cowboys hearts, but let's not forget. This is the same Cowboys defense that made Broncos Q-B Trevor Siemian look like Peyton Manning, coughed 11-point and 15-point leads in consecutive weeks, and has allowed opponents to score on 14-of-the-last-18 possessions.

"It sucks when you lose," said Cowboys linebacker Jaylon Smith, "we've got to get better."

Sophomore quarterback Dak Prescott has checked the get-better box, on pace now to throw 35 touchdown passes.
Prescott providing another mini-magic act of his own, when he converted a third down in the second quarter with a spin and roll out to his right that before hitting Rod Smith for a big gain. It led to one of his Prescott's four total touchdowns against the Packers.

Cowboys fans, you've got face it. Your team is dueling parts fantastic and flawed.

Managing that yin-and-yang is problematic, and that is head coach Jason Garrett's challenge. Everyone has to pull their weight, or it will be a quick trip back to mediocrity.

So, after five weeks, instead of providing definitive answers, the Cowboys performance so far has raised more questions.

This we know though, along with the highlights Cowboys fans you need to get ready, there will be more hair-raising ups and downs to come.

Enjoy the roller coaster ride.