DALLAS -- In the shadow of one of the most recognizable stadiums in the country, work is on the way on a project that designers are calling the "first-next generation ballpark."

"Well, this is the best part -- to see what we've been looking at for the last almost the last year start to become a reality. For us, this is the exciting part to see the stadium going forward," said Jack Hill the Senior VP of Project Development for the Texas Rangers.

This is just the beginning of a $1.1 billion build, a public-private partnership with Arlington residents footing half the bill.

"I think everybody is excited about this. It's really a lot people's first look at the ballpark and we're very proud of it actually, but also very excited about it," Hill said.

The state of the art ballpark will feature a retractable roof, an open-air feel and the ability to hold 41,000 fans.

This morning, WFAA got a closer look at the excavation project, 600 construction workers removing 1.3 million cubic yards of dirt.

From our WFAA drone, you can see how close the new ballpark is to Globe Life Park -- the old stadium will stay but will become part of a larger entertainment district.

"Knowing the drawings pretty well, yeah, I can see it coming together now. It's interesting to see it from this perspective and to see where everything is," said Rob Matwick with BallPark Operations for the Rangers.

A project they plan to have complete before the first pitch of the 2020 season.