Cowboys have a game Sunday with Jacksonville, that might tell us a great deal about the rest of this Cowboys year.

I don't think this team could handle a 2 and 4 start and I know the Cowboys fan base can't. Don't start that nonsense about a must win game, but if they don't win Sunday it will be uhhh interesting to see how they respond.

Losing teams almost always have two problems: One, they get injured a lot. Now staying healthy is a big part of any good team, but when a team is losing it does seem the injuries keep adding up...and two: losing players usually blame somebody else for the losing because we know, it's never their fault. It can't be their let's point a finger at somebody else and that will tear a team apart.

But Cowboys running back Zeke Elliott says nobody in that locker room is doing that now and you better hope he's right about that, but the bigger question is if they do lose to Jacksonville Sunday, will the finger pointing start then?

I'm Dale Hansen...enjoy your day.