Just 10 years old, Adalia Rose doesn’t let anything get her down.

The Leander YouTube star was born with a rare genetic disease called Progeria. She has millions of views and followers who look forward to her dancing videos and makeup tutorials.

But this week, Adalia and her family came under attack when users in a Facebook meme group started posting mean pictures of Adalia and sending messages like “Just die already" and "Are you an alien?"

Adalia’s mother, Natalia, immediately reported the posts to Facebook, but when the meme group users started getting notifications from Facebook, they got angry and posted even more memes of Adalia and sent more nasty messages.

Facebook representatives told KVUE they cannot delete the group because the meme page does not directly violate any Facebook policy yet. However, they are aware of the posts and are investigating every post that is reported. They also tell KVUE the meme page is now “on their radar” under close scrutiny.

Adalia isn’t letting the cyberbullying get to her. Often, she finds herself comforting her mom when she gets upset reading the posts.

"Sometimes she starts crying, I'm like, 'you're fine,'” said Adalia. “I pet her face.”

Adalia says she won’t let them stop her from spreading her joy. She often gets messages from kids saying, "'When I watch your videos you make me smile,' or like, 'When I'm in the hospital not feeling well, every time I watch your videos you just make me happy,'" said Adalia.

According to Adalia, the cyberbullies are “just being basic” she explains with a flip of her hair and a giggle.

Incredibly smart and sassy, she is holding her head high while her family and friends report the posts in hopes of stopping the bullies.

You can see Adalia’s Facebook page here.

You can watch Adalia’s YouTube channel here.