DALLAS, Texas — An Abilene woman is without her wheels after a weekend trip that included seeing Miranda Lambert in concert, and valeting her SUV at one of Dallas' most recognizable hotels. 

Lambert performed at the American Airlines Center on Feb. 8. 

Linda Lane drove over two hours from Abilene to see the show with her husband. 

Not only is she a big fan of Lambert, but she also scored some free tickets. 

"She's one of my favorites, yes," Lane told WFAA by phone. "We rolled into Dallas around two o'clock that day to unwind a little before the concert." 

Because the AAC is in Victory Park, Lane and her husband decided to stay at W Dallas, which is right across the street from the arena. 

A photo of the valet area in front of the W Dallas.

Anyone who has been in that area knows that long-term parking is limited, so valeting is often the only choice. 

Being from Abilene, Lane told WFAA that she's never valeted her car in her life. 

"There wasn't much of a choice," Lane said. "We pulled in, they gave us a ticket, and we gave them our key fob." 

"We never dreamed we'd never see the SUV again." 

Lane and her husband enjoyed the concert, but things went south when it was time to check out the next day. 

She texted the company who runs the valet service for W Dallas, LAZ Parking, and got a notification, saying her 2016 Yukon Denali would be ready to roll in about five minutes. 

Denali Linda Lane
A photo of Linda Lane's 2016 Yukon Denali
Linda Lane

But when the car never showed up, Lane realized there was a problem. 

"A manager came over to us and said they were looking for our car, that they didn't know where it is, and that they wrote it down wrong," Lane said. 

"An hour later, I'm calling the cops because my car is missing." 

Lane said she didn't get much of an explanation from the hotel and reported the car stolen with the Dallas Police Department. 

Without any wheels, she and her husband went to the airport to grab a rental car but were so disgusted they just caught a flight back home. 

"We didn't even want to make the drive home. I guess we got an upgrade from a $75,000 car to a $10 million airplane," Lane said with a laugh. 

Linda Lane interview
Linda Lane talks with WFAA from Abilene.

Car theft, however, is not a laughing matter in Dallas. Investigators with DPD's bait car unit, a crew that uses trap cars with surveillance cameras to catch thieves, made 217 arrests in 2019. 

That's the most since 2015, when 384 arrests were made. 

The W Hotel gave WFAA a short statement about the incident saying, "The safety and security of our guests and employees is always a top priority." 

After sending two inquiries to LAZ Parking, the company has yet to respond. 

Linda Lane again
Linda Lane said Thursday she would never valet her car again.

As for Lane, she told WFAA she may lawyer up. Her car only had 36,000 miles on it and just got new tires. 

She also said she would never valet again. 

"Being a first-time valet person, I'll never do it again," Lane said. 

"Don't be fooled because it's not necessarily safe." 

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