MIDLOTHIAN, Texas — Salons across North Texas say a woman is coming into their businesses and stealing from employees and customers.

Cameras captured video of the so-called "Beauty Shop Bandit" at SOI Brow Threading on Sunday in Midlothian.

Though the woman saw the cameras, she looked away and stole items anyway. 

The video was released to WFAA by the shop’s owner. 

“She didn’t seem to care. We have like five cameras. She walked in and looked at the cameras. She wasn’t scared. She seems like a pro,” said salon manage Rida Arien.

You see the woman reach right over the counter and steal an employees wallet.

“She seems bold and comfortable stealing from people,” Arien said.

Employees say she has hit their salons in Midlothian, Mansfield, Irving, Waxahachie and Waco.

So they are now warning customers to beware.

“She can open a zipper, take a wallet out and you won’t even know, right in front of you. You are sitting down and she will take it way from you,” Arien said.

They say the woman uses the same excuses.

She walks in requests services and tells them she is waiting for a friend. When employees turn away she takes their purses or wallets and walks out.

They believe they aren’t the only targets and there are more victims.

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