GREENWOOD, Texas—The town of Greenwood is so small, there isn’t even an official population count.

“I can’t tell you the last time we had anything like a census,” says Connie Pruett, a lifelong resident.

There are a lot of “ones” here, as in one main street, one general store, and one family that runs it.

“We have a group that comes every morning for coffee to solve all the world’s problem,” Pruett says with a chuckle.

But what most of the customers want to know is how Pruett’s mother is faring these days.

After all, she’s spent nearly 107 years living here.

"People that have never met her, never seen her, ask ‘How's your mom doing?"’ says Pruett.

Spend just a few minutes with Nina Robinson, and she’ll happily tell you she’s doing just fine.

"I have lots of folks that visit,” she says. “Family and some others come out of curiosity, because of my age.”

Born November 11, 1910, Robinson has lived in Wise County her entire life, except for a brief stay in California and an even shorter stint in southern Texas.

She and her husband raised four kids on a family farm just outside of Greenwood.

The land is still in the family all these decades later.

"We worked hard. Farm life is the hardest life there is, I believe," she told WFAA this week.

The Robinson’s had four kids.

Then they had kids, and then the grandkids had kids, and now Nina is a proud great-great-grandmother.

"I have six great, great, granddaughters. All girls!” said Nina. “That's a bunch."

She is an avid sports fan that follows all of North Texas’ big teams.

“The Rangers, the Dallas Mavericks and the Cowboys, when they win,” she said.

Earlier this month, folks came from far and wide to celebrate Nina’s 107th at the town’s general store.

This Thanksgiving, the woman who lived through both World Wars, Prohibition, the Depression, and 19 presidents says she’s most thankful for her community.

"You just have that feeling, ya' know, that it's home."