Jace is two years old, and his happy place is in motion, on a swing, in his foster parent's backyard. Pushing him makes them happy, too.

"He's impacted our life in such an amazing way," said his foster dad. "Changed our perspective on life in general and continues to."

They've had Jace for most of his life. They were charmed by his sweet face and big heart, and undaunted by his medical challenges. Jace has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, a feeding tube and some vision issues. They both firmly believe that shouldn't intimidate a forever family.

"You can absolutely get trained," said his foster mom. "It is not hard to get trained, it's really not hard to manage on a daily basis. It is 100 percent worth it because of the fact that you get to take care of this precious little boy!"

Through smiles and giggles, Jace provides the payoff. "When you know the rights spots for him to tickle, when you know the right environment for him, he absolutely loves it," his foster dad said.

A family willing to take on the responsibility for Jace's health will see that beyond the snuggles, he's a little boy with grit. "He's a fighter, said his foster parents. "You can't tell because of his gentle spirit, but he's been through a lot."

They feel lucky to have cared for him, and believe once Jace finds his forever family, they'll feel lucky too. "I know for a fact his story doesn't stop here," said his foster dad.

You must be licensed to adopt a child in Texas. To get the process started, contact LaQueena Warren at laqueena.warren@dfps.state.tx.us. You can call her at 817-304-1272.