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WATCH: Virtual choir shares music and inspiration for Easter Sunday

It started as an idea to get Christians from across the world singing a hymn. The project evolved into a 400-member global virtual Easter Sunday choir.

DALLAS — Updated to add video of virtual choir singing.

Many worshippers will not be able to gather inside churches for Holy Week services this Easter season. The coronavirus pandemic has restricted gatherings and temporarily shut down many churches.

The global public health crisis is not stopping a unique choir from inspiring virtual praise this weekend.

Hundreds of Christians from across the world are finding a unique way to worship. They are joining voices to form the Worldwide Virtual Easter Sunday Choir.

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Junius Dotson of Discipleship Ministries said, "It is somewhat stirring to not being able to be with people. Not being able to celebrate together.”

Since church services are compromised, a call was put out to record the hymn "Christ the Lord is Risen Today."

Dotson explained,"I think people were feeling the need to be in community with each other, even as we are social distancing.”

The virtual choir project was commissioned by The United Methodist Church. It includes hundreds of video submissions from singers across the world, including the United States, Philippines, and Eastern Europe.

Dotson said, "Some persons are singing with family units. Some persons were singing in their pajamas. I saw some persons in their choir robes.”

Organizers call the virtual choir and its message a stunning representation of Christianity – even in the midst of crisis.

“Music is going to bring us together in ways we can’t physically be together right now,” Dotson added.

The Worldwide Virtual Easter Choir’s complete performance is available for public use at https://www.umcdiscipleship.org/

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