IRVING, Texas -- The video of a very close call for an Irving police officer is grabbing people's attention, and that officer is reminding everyone to slow down.

Officer Sam Hall made a traffic stop last week. Another oncoming vehicle veered too close, actually hitting his motorcycle.

Officer Hall looked up in time and managed to get out of the way. The law in Texas requires drivers to either move over one lane or slow down if you see first responders stopped.

Officer Sam Hall has spent a decade with Irving police, and joined the motorcycle division in January.

"I get to enjoy being a police officer, and I enjoy riding motorcycles, combine the two, can’t get any better than that!" he said.

Add to that his years riding for fun, and Officer Hall’s seen close calls, but none like the one he narrowly survived.

The morning of July 3, he was writing a ticket on Highway 114 in Irving west of the President George Bush Turnpike, when he walked back to his bike. The footage from his body camera best illustrates what happened next.

"I heard tires locking up, I see smoke coming, and I just instantly jumped over the guardrail," said Officer Hall.

His instinct to hop helped save his life.

"I was just living on a prayer, I mean it happened so fast there wasn’t any time to think," he said.

Officers say the driver of the silver car that managed to miss Officer Hall said that other cars in front of him had slowed down not long before he swerved. Instead of rear-ending them, he moved to the shoulder, not realizing he would hit what they were all looking at.

"With the frequency that we work the highway, I’m not surprised that it happened," said the officer.

These accidents are not rare. Reports of emergency responders and people pulled over due to car trouble being hit by other cars do happen. Also in Irving, during the summer of 2015, a nearly identical accident happened, where a driver crashed into an officer's motorcycle while he was standing on the shoulder working. Thankfully, that officer was not seriously injured. But he could have been, and Officer Hall too.

"To see how close it was, I'm just very fortunate," he said.

He hopes both of these videos pop into your mind, the next time you see flashing lights on the side of the road.