ANNA, Texas -- Meghan Herrera of Anna says what happened on County Road 373 was a "life-changing moment."

The single mother of two children remembers very little but remembers enough to realize that life is precious and that it can change in a matter of seconds and inches. "It's only been two weeks, but it seems like forever," Meghan Herrera said.

Anna Police responded to Herrera's 911 call at County Road 373. Her car had slammed into a tree. Officer Brandon Blair had just come from another vehicle crash. That day it was raining really hard, making the roads slick.

Blair only had time to ask whether she was ok in front of her vehicle before a truck came seemingly out of nowhere and out of control and slammed into Meghan's car. It missed Officer Blair and Meghan by mere inches.

"Watching that video took me back to that moment," Meghan said referring to the dashboard camera video off of Blair's police car.

Meghan's back was to the out of control truck. Officer Blair heard the truck and saw it out of the corner of his eye.

"Instinctively, I just thought I need to get out of the way," said Blair. The officer grabbed Meghan, and they both found refuge in a ditch nearby.

The officer only had some minor cuts from running into the trees along the ditch and Meghan was not hurt. "I'm just thankful, extremely thankful," she said. The single mother of two cried after seeing a picture of her two children. She is starting to realize just how different this story could have been

Two weeks later and Meghan still struggles driving back on the road. She's been driving a rental car ever since the accident, and the contract runs out this Friday. She does not know how she will get to work daily. Right now, she is just happy to be alive.

Meghan and Brandon share a bond. Neither hesitate to say how thankful they are of each other. "I know how thankful I was that same night to come home, and I'm sure she felt the same way," said Officer Blair.