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VERIFY: Fake campaign sites sharing satire and falsehoods about 2020 hopefuls

Can you spot a fake campaign website? It might be harder than you think.

Do any of these statements seem out of place for these Democratic presidential candidates?

Joe Biden is ready to take a “hands-on” approach to America’s problems.Bernie Sanders is ready to take our country to a “true socialist Republic.” Elizabeth Warren is sharing her Authentic Native American Recipes. Kamala Harris’ main political position is just to be “for Arresting People.”

These are all statements taken from websites that appear to be the main campaign page of each candidate, but if they sound strange or politically incorrect, it’s because they are.

Joebiden.info , BernieSanders.co, ElizabethWarren.co and KamalaHarris.info are all fake sites that mimic the candidate's real campaign sites but make “satirical” claims.


First off, it’s important to share the real sites of the candidates.

There's JoeBiden.com, BernieSanders.com, ElizabethWarren.com, and KamalaHarris.org. 

All four of the fake sites listed earlier either use “.co” or “.info” web addresses instead of a typical “.com” or “.org.”

Additionally, at the bottom of each of the fake pages, there’s a message indicating that these are not real sites. 

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“This site is political commentary and parody of Kamala Harris for President campaign website: https://kamalaharris.org 

It is not paid for by any candidate, committee, organization, or PAC. It is a project BY American citizens FOR American citizens.”

These sites are fake and do not represent the real information or claims of the candidates. 

Credit: VERIFY

As the 2020 campaign heats up, be sure you've got the web address right when looking for info on a candidate and double check there's no disclaimers at the bottom of the page. 

Editor’s Note: The four fake/parody sites mentioned in this article all use .info or .co web addresses. While the four sites below are all fake campaign sites, not all sites that use .info or .co are fake.

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