With so much information about the shooting in Las Vegas, we want to VERIFY some of what you're seeing on social media.

First, about the number of weapons. Investigators say they found at least 19 weapons in Stephen Paddock's room; a combination of rifles and handguns.

Second, that it was a machine gun. Right now, that is not confirmed, but the sounds of shots on cell phone video from the attack lead some to speculate it was a fully-automatic gun.

With a fully-automatic gun, a shooter only has to pull the trigger once and the gun will fire continuously until it runs out of bullets or you let go of the trigger. With a semi-automatic gun the shooter is required to pull the trigger for each shot.

Machine guns are rarely used in shootings because they are highly regulated.

This led us to look into Nevada's gun laws and we found: You can own, buy, or sell a machine gun that is registered according to federal regulations -- which means you can own one if it was made before 1986.

As far as the arsenal inside Paddock's room, Nevada does not require you to have a license to own a gun.

You do need a permit to concealed carry, but open carry is legal. There's also no law limiting how many guns or ammunition you can buy at one time. And when it comes to Vegas -- it's legal to open or concealed carry inside a casino on the Strip.

But, most will ask you to disarm or leave if they see you have a gun. It's not a crime unless you refuse to comply.