FORT WORTH, Texas — Hear that distinctive sound and you may not believe the F-35 fighter jet is known for it's ability to go undetected.

"Just the ability to see everyone around you and delay detection of your self by the enemy is just incredible," said Capt. Andrew Olson an Air Force F-35 demo pilot.

The F-35 represents the best in military technology, but in recent weeks, the $400 billion government program has hit turbulence. Thursday the Pentagon grounded all F-35 aircraft until they could be individually inspected -- this after a pilot was forced to eject last month -- investigators suspect a faulty fuel tube.

Two of the 250 F-35s were among the first in the country cleared to fly into Forth Worth Alliance Airport Thursday morning. The reason? This weekend's airshow

"You know, this happens sometimes in the flying business not a big deal. We went through the inspection, these jets checked out just fine and here we are," Olson said just after landing his F-35 in Fort Worth.

Lockheed Martin, the plane's manufacturer, through an official twitter account announced all of their fighters were cleared as of early Thursday morning to resume flights -- it could take as much as two days for all 250 planes in service to be individually inspected but at least in Fort Worth -- the plane assembled in this very city is cleared for take off.