Perhaps the greatest test of one’s faith comes with the death of a child.

And I really can’t imagine what a parent must feel, having lost their child in a senseless shooting like the parents of Botham Jean.

I don’t want to imagine it because it’s too terrifying to think of my own son relaxing harmlessly in his own apartment… losing his life.

Former Dallas officer Amber Guyger shot Jean last month when she entered his apartment, thinking it was hers...and him a burglar.

There was in the beginning for his parents… an understandable frustration... at having learned their son died because someone walked into the wrong apartment. Justice they insisted must be swift.

Six weeks later, the pain still fresh. Bertrum and Allison Jean have come to the city where their son died. Sunday’s are especially difficult for Bertrum…his telephone Sabbath worship with Botham now in the past.

They still await for justice, but in their voices…a calm has descended. That calm is clear. They have their memories, their friends.

…but it is their faith, Botham’s faith, that sustains them now through this, the greatest test: the death of a child.