I hesitate to use the world miracle…not that I don’t believe they happen. Though rare, they do, but the further we get from the rescue of the Thailand soccer players and their coach, the more “miracle” seems the only word that properly explains how the team survived.

From the first recognition they were missing, tragedy seemed the most likely result. They were not just inside a flooded cave. They were 2 miles from the entrance. The rainy season had started.

The passages, not just tiny, the water in some sections high, a few of the most petite spaces were completely underwater and not one of the trapped team could swim.

Nature itself, it seemed...doomed them.

Most thought them dead or dying when days into the search, divers came upon the boys, their coach, huddled in a small space, inquiring about food.

It would take days of preparation for divers to carefully place 300 tanks of compressed air, along a potential exit. One former Thai Navy SEAL lost his life in that effort.

And then the last day with heavy rain falling, just hours after the final trapped team member exited the main pump used to decrease water levels, all of a sudden, failed…the cave began to fill.

The prayers of an entire planet to get them all out safely.

Miracle is not a word to be thrown around lightly, but in this case...it’s the right word.