Much of the time in compiling your news…we get so focused on the lunatics and “ner-do wells,” who make life miserable for the rest of us, we forget the true ‘gems’ of people we encounter every day.

So this holiday season, another moment to stop and say: yes..the world has its two-legged walking nightmares, but they are the exception rather than the rule.

The real men and women among us are those who cherish others, and lately, we have had no shortage of examples. Floyd County rancher Greg Bishop knew finishing to harvest was out of the question when he got his leukemia diagnosis in September. But so many of his neighbors signed up to bring in his cotton crop for him...a few had to turn many away.

Parker County neighbors helped sheriff’s deputies and firefighters pull kids and adults from a burning house just this week. And it’s not just country folks.

Remember this: Dallas...The Meadows apartments…being devoured by flames and on the top floor, several people trapped… one of them, a baby until this group of men stacked mattresses and one by one caught them all as they jumped to safety.

Goodness is contagious. Seeing good people act, others want to chip in.

For example, 84-year-old Don Gilbert. He’s legally blind...uses a special projector to read the paper, but he was so shaken by an article on kids at Mesquite’s Florence Elementary not getting enough to eat, he started donating his own money to help feed them.

When Steve Harris saw Sean Giggy’s story on Don’s efforts...Steve’s company “Seeboost” set Don up with a hi-tech device allowing him to read to the very kids he’s helping to feed. Yes, the world has its two-legged walking nightmares and whatever crazy thing they do they’ll make the news, but we should always remember they are the exception not the rule.