There are some moments, some events…some people who can briefly gather ‘round the national campfire… all the discordant voices and create from them… a brief symphony of respect.

What a week it has has been...certainly sadness, some tears, but a sendoff like few others for a Texan. A President, who even now former opponents describe as full of grace and dignity. From the not so distant past, old fellow warriors have emerged to pay their respects.

From across the globe, strangers have assembled, ignoring the cold to embrace one family and for a single moment, remember one man: George Herbert Walker Bush.

He was not a perfect man who among us is, but one word that can never be used in a description of the late president is: hubris.

Despite a life of great wealth and privilege, this was a humble man who, as his son put in his eulogy, valued character over pedigree.

There is pain and heartache at his loss, but appreciation for the long life of service he freely gave to his nation and joy in the thought that finally a loving husband and wife have been reunited. A Father and Mother are back in Texas with the daughter gone but not forgotten.