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Happy ending for nonprofit after TxDOT workers turn over bundle of cash found along road

A volunteer for the nonprofit Soul's Harbor drove away with the bag of money on top of his car.
Credit: Texas Department of Transportation
More than $2,000 was found along the side of the road.

Two employees from the Texas Department of Transportation made the right choice when finding a pile of money last month and it's not going unnoticed. 

In May, the workers found a bundle of money along the side of the road. Instead of keeping the cash, the men turned it into the Terrell Police Department. 

Turns out, the $2,245 belonged to a volunteer of the nonprofit, Soul's Harbor. The volunteer left the bag of money on top of his car and drove away. 

After he reported it to police, he discovered that two TxDOT workers had turned over the bundle of cash. 

It was "a small moral choice that meant the world to that volunteer and non-profit," read a tweet from TxDOT. 

Soul's Harbor is a nonprofit that helps the homeless.  


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