KEENE, Texas — It was about the last thing Katie Maguire says her husband expected to find when he went to load up his truck early Monday morning.

"He couldn't believe it. I couldn't," said Katie.

Gone were two rear wheels and tires, the total value of which she estimates to be around $2,000. "Right before Christmas, it's not money we have laying around. We've got insurance but still have to pay the deductible," said the young mom.

The Maguire family isn't alone. "We're seeing more of them," said Keene Police Chief Emmitt Jackson. "It doesn't strike me as an amateur. It's someone with a hydraulic drill that's in and out very fast."

On Tuesday, Jackson's department started alerting folks on Facebook to the growing threat.

He said at least three pick-up truck owners had their wheels and tires stolen within the past week. In another case that might be related, the actual truck was stolen with loaded guns & cash inside the cab. "That's because the keys were left inside the truck," said the chief.

Tire thefts have long been an issue in parts of Johnson and Tarrant counties.

The chief said a local task force has been tackling the problem for a while, but that thieves continue to come from areas like Dallas and Fort Worth. "We're a smaller town," he said. "Most [truck] owners don't have surveillance or security systems."

Jackson is urging all property owners to be extra vigilant during the holiday season.

Anyone with information on the recent thefts is encouraged to contact Det. Tracey Glenn at, or by calling Johnson County Crime Stoppers at 800-794-8477.