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Keeping insects out of your home

Tips on dealing with all types of flying and crawling fall invaders.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — We’re hitting the most comfortable time of year in Minnesota. It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. It’s just right. Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones who feel that way. The lack of extreme heat and drop in temperatures create the perfect environment for fall invaders.

Joe Stamply of Plunkett’s Pest Control came by KARE11 News@4 to offer viewers great tips on dealing with all types of flying and crawling fall invaders. For example:

Box Elders, Asian Beetles and Cluster Flies

  • These insects are all small and able to fit into tiny places like outlets, vents and even cracks in your screens. So, sealing off your home is key. Secure screens and fix any holes. Caulk gaps in the windows and check vents and outlets too. 

Yellow Jackets and Wasps

  • If you are planning an outdoor event you should store food inside until it’s ready to be served. After the meal, make sure you clean up immediately
  • Keep trash, with tightly-fitting lids, at least 20 feet away from events
  • Don’t wear brightly colored, floral patterned clothing; it may appear like flowers to stinging insects
  • Avoid sweet-smelling perfumes, shampoos and body sprays; they smell like flowers to yellow jackets and wasps
  • If a yellow jacket or wasp drops by, do not swat or try to kill it
  • If you discover a nest on your property DO NOT attempt to remove it on your own. Call in pest professionals who specialize in removing yellow jackets, wasps and other stinging insects.


Mice can detach their vertebrates and collapse their bodies to fit in the tiniest of holes. Once a mouse gets inside, it leaves its pheromones, or scent for other mice to follow and follow they will!

Key to stopping mice is finding their point of entry. The top two points of entry we suggest checking are dryer vents and air-conditioning lines. Here are other common places mice find openings:

  • Cracks along the foundation of the home
  • Gaps and holes in the doors
  • Holes or tears in the screens
  • Gaps and holes along the windows
  • Utility openings such as pipes
  • Garage door frames
  • Behinds steps

Let’s enjoy fall in Minnesota without unwelcomed guests! Learn more at: https://plunketts.net