It was a nice spring day in May. Three year old Aiden Mckitrick was on a pontoon boat with his dad and uncle on Lake Ray Hubbard.

"We specifically bought a pontoon boat because it was family and kid friendly,” said Kelly McKitrick Aiden’s mother.

But the beautiful day on the lake turned tragic.

"He ran up to the gate and flipped over it.”

Aiden fell overboard. His life jacket got tangled in the motor.

"He was actually caught up in the propeller under the water. My husband was able to catch a glimpse of him because his life jacket was lime green.”

His father who is a firefighter in Lewisville and Aiden’s uncle jumped into action.

"They had a knife and had to cut the life jacket out from in between the propeller.”

Aiden’s injuries were severe.

“When they raised the propeller up that’s when my husband saw his intestines hanging out and his leg was mangled.”

Kelly Mckitrick who is a nurse says she got a call that her son was dying.

But, doctor’s at Children’s saved Aiden’s life. The 3 year old lost his leg just below the knee.

”It’s a huge miracle that he is here today.”

Aiden’s family says his courage is infectious, taking his first steps just a few months after his accident.

His mother says she is telling their story to raise awareness.

"One of the biggest factors in us having a pontoon boat was the gates and the fact your kids couldn’t fall out and that was the one thing he fell over and got hurt.”

McKitrick says as more people get ready to go on the lake she wants them to be aware of the dangers of boating..

She says while Aiden is a happy go lucky child whose life is forever changed.