HURST, TX -- The corner homes at the intersection of Cannon and Hurstview Drives see a lot of traffic.

A lot.

When her home filled with water last week, Cathy Rodgers and some friends thought the spot was as good as any to display their frustration.

"People are honking all the time," she said. "Everybody saw something happening but didn't understand what was happening."

It wasn't a torrential downpour or creek over its banks that brought a good six inches of water to parts of the Rodgers' place.

No, instead the cause was a city water main that ruptured about 50 yards up the street on November 1.

"We were sleeping," said Cathy. "And then, it was all over the house. Every nook and cranny."

She said a work crew hadn't even noticed the home was flooding until the family woke up, went outside, and confronted the crew.

Initially, she said the city was helpful, getting a crew to clean out the driveway and offering to cover a motel.

They even brought in a cleaning and restoration outfit to dry the home.

But feelings changed for the worse this week.

"The city won't talk to me anymore," said Cathy. "The restoration company they sent, they won't even take up any floor or baseboards."

A tour on Wednesday still showed plenty of damp spots, a bad smell, and floors covered in dirt and residue that was clearly from the dirty water.

In a statement, the city of Hurst called the issue a "substantial leak" and said in part:

"The City offered prompt assistance to the homeowner on the day of the incident by providing hotel rooms for the family, boarding family pets, and by hiring a restoration company to provide water extraction and cleaning."

Hurst said its city insurance carrier would also review a claim filed by the family.

Cathy says their homeowner's insurance doesn't cover anything like sewer or water line damage.

"I mean I'd never even heard of that," she said.

Cathy is a popular fourth-grade teacher in Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD. She also works a second job, and says she hasn't been able to do that because of dealing with the damage to their home.