Kenny Linton of McKinney is happy to be alive and says what happened to him has given him new perspective.

Linton was the victim of thieves who likely waited outside the bank and followed him.

"They were definitely sitting in the parking lot of Wells Fargo," he said.

He had gone in for a simple transaction and came out with an envelope of cash. From the bank Kenny drove straight to a Valero and Corner Store and that's where he was robbed.

Kenny went in to the store for roughly 30 seconds and in that time a silver Ford Focus pulled up in reverse right next to Kenny's white SUV. The thieves shattered his passenger side window and reached into the center console.

"They knew that cash was in there and that's what they went for," Linton said.

It's been happening throughout North Texas. WFAA last reported two weeks ago multiple cases in Irving and Grapevine. Now McKinney Police is investigating its case.

"Thankfully we'll be OK but it's a tough thing to go through emotionally and financially," said Larissa Linton.
Police need help finding the people inside that silver Ford Focus. Linton shared images of that vehicle as it left the gas station.

"I initially started to run after them. I thought 'what am I doing? They're in a car and I'm on foot,'" he said.

Kenny says he's gonna stick to electronic transfers from now on. Linton said the incident shook him up a little bit. It's definitely taught him that any one can be a victim to petty criminals. His wife says it forces them to "look over their shoulder now."

Irving Police is still working its multiple cases and believe it may have identified one of the suspects seen in surveillance footage.