FORT WORTH, Texas — A hefty salary is great, but if you don’t have much left after paying your sky-high rent, it kind of defeats the purpose of working hard for your money. 

But there’s good news for Texans: Five Lone-Star State cities are among the top 25 most affordable in which to live and work according to an analysis by that compared the salary-to-rent ratio in major metros.

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Researchers looked at the highest-quoted salaries from more than 100 business-related jobs on and the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment from

The highest-rated Texas city on the list is Fort Worth at No. 7, where the average worker has more than 80 percent of their income left after rent. In College Station, No. 18, renters keep80 percent of their income after paying the landlord; in Irving, Dallas and Houston, at Nos. 21, 22 and 24, respectively, wage earners keep about 79 percent. 

The average salary for all 25 cities on the list is $72,230, and the overall average income left after rent is about 81 percent.

Dallas had the highest average salary on the list of 25 at $82,609, while College Station had the lowest at $55,086.

Oklahoma had two of the top three cities on the list, including Tulsa at No. 1 and Oklahoma City at No. 3. The Midwest had eight cities on the list, including three in Ohio.