Painful images of people gunned down and killed while others run for their lives are becoming all too familiar. The latest mass shooting happened in Thousand Oaks, California Wednesday night.

College students were at a bar for college night when a man wearing all black threw smoke grenades and started shooting. "He shot the cashier just a young girl,” said an eyewitness.

Jason Coffman went to the Borderline Bar and Grill searching for his son only to learn he was among the 12 killed. "I am speechless and heartbroken,” said Coffman.

So why can't lawmakers find solutions to stop this? We asked Senator John Cornyn that question while he was in town touring the North Texas Food Bank. "We've done a better job, but there's a lot of work that needs to be done in fixing the background checks system,” said Sen. Cornyn.

A year ago, 26 people were killed in a church in Sutherland Springs by a man with a history of domestic violence.

Senator Cornyn lead the way to pass a bill to strengthen background checks for gun buyers, but acknowledges it's not enough.

The gunman in Thousand Oaks was a former marine who was known to police and may have suffered from PTSD but legally bought a gun. "We need to make sure that people with a history of mental illness cannot purchase fire arms,” said Sen. Cornyn.

Americans are growing frustrated that more isn't done.

Congressman Mark Veasy said blame the NRA. He said they block any reasonable gun legislation. “The reason that nothing has happened is because of the NRA. As long as the NRA has the sort of power that they have over the Republican party, nothing is going to get done,” said Rep. Veasey.

Newly elected Congressman Colin Allred issued a statement saying, "Tragedies like the one that occurred in California cannot be the new normal. We can and should do better and we must work together toward real solutions that reduce gun violence."

No one seems to have a comprehensive plan on what needs to be down and how to achieve it

meanwhile more people keep dying in mass shootings.