High-profile investor T. Boone Pickens will reduce his workload in the coming months after suffering a minor stroke Monday.

The oil tycoon took to Twitter Monday to announce that he had had a “ministroke” but said he would be making a comeback.

“Experienced a ministroke. Will be another ‘Old Man Makes a Comeback’ story,” he wrote. “Back to working in the office. I think. Kidding. More later.”

A second tweet said he would reduce his schedule for the next three months, “resting/exercising my brain just like my body.”

Pickens, 88, is the founder of the hedge fund BP Capital Management. He has appeared in the Forbes 400 list of richest people in America and was named to the 2009 Time 100, recognizing the magazine’s picks for the most influential people in the country.

In addition to his business ventures, Pickens is well-known for his contributions to education in Texas and Oklahoma. The football stadium at Oklahoma State University, to which Pickens donated $165 million, bears his name.

He has also contributed to health science efforts at UT Southwestern, UT-Dallas and Texas Woman's University.

Pickens owns land in the Texas panhandle.