Protesters tried to drown out White Supremacist, Richard Spencer’s speech. Hundreds gathered outside the Texas A&M union.

They showed up with signs showing what they think of Spencer and his Alt-Right white nationalists group.

Shannon Taylor-Kerne is an alum and she came to the rally. “Most people here tonight are not against something. They are for all people and they are for the values of respect.”

Spencer was not invited by Texas A&M but since it’s a public university they had to allow him to speak.

He sat down before his speech to talk about race, immigration and President-elect Donald Trump.

Spencer says, “Alt-right pre-existed Trump but we have gone from zero to 60 with the Trump movement and I wanted to celebrate that miracle.”

He says he celebrated Trump’s victory during a controversial speech where he said,”Hail, Trump, Hail Our people, Hail Victory.” Some in the audience did a Nazi salute. He says it was all in fun.

“Those people were being funny. They were being ironic, I got the joke and I think most young people got the joke.”

Max Glauben didn’t think it was a joke.

”Don’t be like some of the people that watch some of the things done during the Holocaust and don’t open your mouth and don’t do anything.”

He is a Holocaust survivor who drove from Dallas to speak at a counter rally at Kyle Field called Aggies United.

“What we need to do right now is when you see a bad thing done then you do something about it or say something. Don’t allow it.”

The night ended with police in riot gear pushing people out of the building where Spencer spoke.

But the image Texas A and M wants people to remember is the make-shift unity wall they erected. People wrote message of peace and hope for a better America.