Flags fly high here Dawson and like every other school district in Texas they are required by law to have a pledge of allegiance every school day.

16 year old Carrie Douglas says she doesn’t believe in standing up for the pledge.

”I never stand for the pledge," she said.

She’s also the school’s mascot and doesn’t stand for the National Anthem at athletic events.

”We are supposed to be one nation under God and that is not what we are right now so I don’t feel like that is what I want to represent," Carrie said.

But last week she says a substitute teacher took offense to the fact that Carrie didn’t stand during the pledge.

“She said 'Carrie stand up' and I said no. She said well stand up or go to the office," Carrie said.

She says she had to go to the principal’s office who said she was in trouble for being disrespectful and consequently was given the choice of detention or paddling.

She chose to be paddled. Her mother gave permission because she thought it was for being disruptive and didn’t know it started with the pledge.

Douglas says, “He told me she was being disrespectful but never told me what she said.”

We looked at the student code of conduct nowhere does it say a student must stand during the pledge of allegiance but it does say students have do what the staff tells them or face punishment from detention to corporal punishment.

The school superintendent Stacy Henderson told News 8 he can’t talk about a specific case but says “We have never punished a student for not standing during the pledge. We do punish students who are disruptive in class.”

But Carrie says she wasn’t disruptive. She says she is a big supporter of the military. Her grandfather fought in Vietnam and says this isn’t about the veterans but about her right as a citizen to protest.