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These are the wealthiest ZIP codes in North Texas

But wealth doesn't necessarily equate to fast growth
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Only a handful of North Texas’ fastest-growing cities are also home to the wealthiest areas.

Southlake, which is the home to the wealthiest ZIP code in North Texas, is also the region's 17th fastest-growing city. It grew from 28,259 residents in 2013 to 31,824 last year, and the 76092 ZIP code it includes had a median household income of $207,127 in 2017. More than half of the households in the Southlake area have an income of $200,000 or more. Per capita, the ZIP code's residents make $79,825.

The Dallas Business Journal overlaid the fastest-growing cities in the region with the ZIP codes where the residents have the highest median income and found few similarities among the top 25.

(You can see all of the top 25 wealthiest ZIP codes by clicking here.)

While the comparison isn’t exact, it does help to depict the changing face of North Texas.

Only seven cities were on both lists, and of those seven, only one was in the top ten of both.

Propser, the fastest-growing city in North Texas, is home to the ZIP code that is the seventh wealthiest in the region. The 75078 ZIP code, which includes the Willow Ridge, Lakes of La Cima and Windsong Ranch neighborhoods, has a $136,642 median income.

Both datasets are representative of 2017 and come from the U.S. Census Bureau. The population growth is calculated from estimates between 2013 and 2017 and the wealth numbers are included in December’s American Community Survey.

Of the 25 wealthiest ZIP codes in North Texas, seven are in Collin County and six are in Dallas County. Both Denton County and Tarrant County account for five ZIP codes on the list, while Parker and Rockwall counties have one each.

The University Park ZIP code of 75225 has the highest per capita income. Residents in the city-within-a-city make $117,586 on average. That’s compared to the 25th ZIP code on the list, Keller’s 76244, which includes the Harvest Ridge and Village of Woodland Springs neighborhoods and has a $35,829 per capita income among its residents.

Here's a look at the top 5 wealthiest ZIP codes in the region: No. 1 76092, Southlake; No. 2 75225, Dallas/University Park; No. 3 76034, Colleyville; No. 4 75022, Flower Mound; and No. 5 75182, Sunnyvale.

You can see the top 25 wealthiest ZIP codes in North Texas by clicking here.