AUSTIN, Texas — It was expected on the final day, an unavoidable formality for an error that would not be forgotten.

Interim Texas Secretary of State David Whitley submitted his resignation letter Monday afternoon to Gov. Greg Abbott after the Texas Senate refused to confirm his nomination.

The inaction comes after Whitley oversaw a review of voter rolls earlier this year that mistakenly flagged 95,000 Texas voters as potential non-citizens.

The flawed investigation led to three lawsuits and the state so far has paid more than $450,000 in plaintiff's attorneys fees.

A nominee cannot serve without a super-majority of the Senate voting to approve.

Abbott can now appoint another interim replacement to serve until the legislature convenes in 2021.

In his resignation letter, first reported by the Austin-American StatesmenWhitley thanked Abbott for the opportunity.

"I built a bridge for opposing voices to engage in dialogue to improve election integrity and access," Whitley said.

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