As a professional Santa Claus, it’s not unusual for Bill Dendy to get Christmas requests and letters from kids. What is unusual is the email he received just a few weeks ago.

“Yeah, I got a letter and it was not from a kid, but it was actually from their mom,” Dendy said.

The letter was written on behalf of four kids and was asking for a Christmas miracle. A few months ago, their mom lost her job and her house. They’ve been staying with friends in Cedar Hill.

The kids have tried to keep a brave front, but this time of year can be especially challenging.

“I wish we could have our own house and we could afford all the stuff I really want,” said one of the children. “But I mean, as long as I got a roof over my head and food to eat, I’m OK.”

Unfortunately, with no job and no money, their mom couldn’t provide Christmas.

That’s why, a few weeks ago, she sent an email to what she thought was a Christmas charity, but somehow, that message was rerouted to the big guy himself.

Santa Bill and his helpers from the Desoto Rotary Club not only provided Christmas, they brought the exact present each kid wanted.

The girls got tablets, their little brother got toys and Santa even helped fill the pantry. For this family, it was a Christmas miracle.

“It makes it better,” said one child. “It makes it special.”

Proof that Santa Claus definitely exists.