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Uvalde parents continue to fight for accountability months after elementary school shooting

The fight for stricter gun laws continues, four months since the Robb Elementary School shooting.

UVALDE, Texas — Families of victims of Uvalde along with Texas Democrats urged action on gun laws in a press conference Wednesday morning. One by one, parents shared their heartbreak. 

“The life I once had was ripped apart.” 

“A weapon that’s used in combat should stay in combat, not here on the streets.” 

The fight for stricter gun laws continues, four months since the Robb Elementary School shooting.

“Was 21 not enough? Was 22 not enough? My friend Joe died. What is your benchmark? Would you have liked 30 to call on something? It’s a tough thing to call somebody on, but what is your benchmark to call on a special session?” questioned Jessie Rizo Jr., Uncle of Jacklyn (Jackie) Cazares. 

Strong words from the families of the 21 victims who lost their lives on May 24. They joined Texas Democrats demanding stricter background checks, red flag laws and raising the age limit to buy an assault weapon from 18 to 21. 

“It’s simple, you know it’s not much to ask,” another parent said. 

Meanwhile in Tyler, Governor Greg Abbott met with business leaders to discuss the state’s economy. He responded to parents’ concerns saying he put measures in place immediately. 

“I issued a directive to make sure our schools would be safer as well as the emergencies in Uvalde were addressed,” Governor Greg Abbott said. 

In last week’s debate, Governor Abbott reiterated he opposed changing the age to buy an assault weapon “purely from a legal position” and said he also opposed red flag laws because they would deny “lawful Texas gun owners their constitutional rights to due process.” 

“We must love and cherish our children more than we love and cherish our guns,” says State Rep. Vikki Goodwin. 

Parents made clear, the only way to see change is to act on November 8th. 

“We too have a powerful weapon and that’s our vote at the ballot box,” said the sister of Uvalde Teacher, Irma Garcia. 

The press conference happens as Uvalde parents enter their second week of protest outside the school district’s office. They’ve been camping out to demand accountability and district police officers at Robb Elementary be suspended pending an investigation. 

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