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Gov. Abbott 'livid' and says he was 'misled' after DPS reveals new details into Uvalde shooting response

Abbott said he expects the law enforcement agencies leading the investigation into the mass shooting to get to the bottom of it with absolute fact and certainty.

UVALDE, Texas — Texas Governor Greg Abbott held a news conference Friday, breaking down the available resources to help the community of Uvalde, just days after 19 students and two teachers were shot and killed by an 18-year-old gunman inside Robb Elementary School. 

But it was during the question portion of the conference where he expressed he was "misled" and was "livid" after learning the information he was given ahead his previous appearance addressing the Uvalde community on Wednesday, was in part inaccurate on the shooter's entrance into the school and the law enforcement's response.  

This comes after Texas DPS officials announced Friday afternoon, that police wrongly handled the 18-year-old shooter Salvador Ramos.

DPS Director Steven McCraw said police officers did not immediately breach the classroom where Salvador Ramos had killed students, saying it was the "wrong decision, period." 

Abbott said he expects the law enforcement agencies leading the investigation into the mass shooting to get to the bottom of it with absolute fact and certainty.

The National Rifle Association convention also kicked off Friday in Houston despite protests. A number of guests dropped out of the event following the tragedy, including Abbott, who sent in a pre-recorded message. 

In Abbott’s pre-recorded message to the NRA, he focused on the victims of the Uvalde shooting and made it clear that “no existing or new law could have prevented the evil gunman from committing this act of violence against innocent children.”

During Abbott’s press conference, he doubled down on that statement and also said, "none of the laws that I signed last session had any intersect of what occurred."

But Abbott said for future meetings and legislative sessions "all options are on the table."

That may be in direct response to U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, who told a group of reporters that policies to restrict guns were off the table just a few hours after the Uvalde school shooting. 

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But when asked if Abbott was going to pass a law changing background checks, his response was to say that people are "mistaken" to focus on that over mental health care -- which was his main focus of calling today's presser. 

Abbott wanted to be sure that the state is putting the community of Uvalde at the forefront to help heal the hearts of the victim's families. 

Abbott announced the launch of a one-stop donation webpage 'One Star Foundation', with 100% proceeds going directly to the victims, including the Robb School Memorial Fund. He then introduced officials from agencies that will help community members with benefits, child care, health care, unemployment, food, funeral costs, travel and lodging, etc. 

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Officials also shared the following number if community members were in need of mental health care service – state and private assistance: 888-690-0799.

Abbott also said he expects Texas lawmakers to revisit laws passed after the Santa Fe shooting, shortcomings, discussions on how to make schools safer and address healthcare -- still highlighting there's a big mental health problem in the state. 

Abbott said both the investigation into the Uvalde shooting and the law enforcement's response is ongoing. 

Watch the full press conference below: 


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