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Texas DPS director says he won't resign because his agency didn't fail the families of the Uvalde school shooting

Some the victims' families confronted Steve McCraw and demanded his resignation, accusing him of lying and not being transparent.

AUSTIN, Texas — Several families of the 19 children and two teachers killed in the Uvalde school shooting demanded the resignation of Texas Department of Public Safety Chief Steve McCraw.

Weeks ago, McCraw said he would step down if his troopers had any culpability in the botched police response.

"Your officers were in there within 10 minutes correct? Yes. Are you not the representative of your department? Absolutely, therefore they failed, therefore DPS failed, therefore there was culpability therefore, if you are a man of your word then you would retire," said Brett Cross, a victim's father.

McCraw seemed to walk back his comments about resigning.

"I can tell you this if DPS as an institution failed the families or failed the community or Uvalde then absolutely I need to go but I can tell you this right now we did not fail the community there were actions," McCraw said.

Ninety-one DPS troopers were at Robb Elementary, the first ones arrived within 10 minutes yet none of them entered the classrooms to stop the shooter. They waited for a Border Patrol Tactical team to arrive. It took an hour and 14 minutes before they took down the shooter.

"You sir have told lies, you are not in control of your officers nor are you the leader this great state deserves at the helm of what was once known as one of the best law enforcement agencies. You have disgraced the state and the position and the people," said Cross.

In the initial days after the shooting, McCraw placed the blame on only the local police. But, more videos including a new one that surfaced last night shows DPS troopers talking about not wanting to go inside for fear of being shot.

"For the rest of us in Texas, Uvalde shattered another illusion entirely and it shattered our belief we could trust the words and actions of law enforcement especially the Department of Public Safety," said Sen. Roland Guiterrez, D-Texas.

Only one DPS trooper has been fired, but McCraw promises a investigation will be completed by the end of the year and says he will hold officers responsible for their actions.

The families say that’s not good enough.

”It’s time for you sir to keep your word and offer your resignation and turn in your gun and badge,” said Jesse Rizo, a victim’s uncle.

It’s not just the families calling for McCraw’s resignation. 

Republican Congressman Tony Gonzales tweeted, “DPS Director McCraw should RESIGN immediately.”

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