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Robb Elementary shooting aftermath: How to report warning signs

The 77-page committee report detailed the violent tendencies and characteristics of the Uvalde shooter.

UVALDE, Texas — A 77-page report detailed the violent tendencies and characteristics of the Uvalde shooter.

The report described the attacker in 2021 that he "increasingly withdrew and isolated himself."

"That can be a sign that a person is experiencing a mental health condition, absolutely – withdrawal, isolation is often a hallmark feature of depression among other mental health conditions," said Executive Director of National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Greg Hansch.

Hansch said if a person does need mental services, you can call 988.

"There's a network of community mental health centers around the state that provide services to people regardless of their ability to pay. And then for truly serious cases where there's an imminent risk of harm to someone's life, the best option is calling 911," he said.

Hansch said some attackers' characteristics may have been mental health-related, but said that's a small part of the problem. There are other things that need to be considered behind the attacker in the Uvalde attacker.

"Sometimes, at the end of the day, this person was pure evil," said Hansch.

The report also states the attacker frequently missed school, while online he demonstrated an interest in gore and violent sex and made over-the-top threats.

The report also described a fascination of school shootings. His comments about them, coupled with threats of violence, earned him the nickname of "School Shooter."

Additionally, the attacker reportedly shared a video showing him throwing a dead cat inside a plastic bag on the street.

Hansch said incidents like this need to reported.

"I think they should have brought those concerns to the appropriate authority, which probably was law enforcement or a system like ALERRT, which is linked with the law enforcement system," he said.

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