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'Disgusting': Black Southlake business owner, his daughters react to teens' N-word video

Johnny Wimbrey said the video was inappropriate but says we need dig deeper into the problem.

SOUTHLAKE, Texas — Johnny Wimbrey is a successful motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He is also the owner of one of the few black businesses in Southlake.

"I thought why not bring diversity to Southlake?” Wimbrey said.

So when he saw the social media video of high school students using the N word he wanted to talk.

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"Why on earth would ever think it's OK to put something like that out there and, more importantly, why weren't you afraid to do it?” Wimbrey said.

The teens in the video were listening to a rap song with the N-word.

Wimbrey said it's never OK to use that word but also wondered if the lyrics themselves are part of the problem.

"Is it OK for this race or this culture to say it, but not OK for this one?" Wimbrey said.

His high-school age daughters saw the video, too.

"It was disgusting to look at it, because they are celebrating the fact that, 'Oh we get to finally say it like they have been wanting to say it,'” Psalms Wimbrey said.

Both daughters said that they have faced discrimination living in Southlake and said the video is just another example of what young black teens face.

"People need to realize that why they say and what they do have consequences,” Hannah Wimbrey said.

Johnny Wimbrey made headlines last year when he and his wife were kicked out of Sambuca’s in Frisco.

He said that race was behind that incident, though the restaurant denied it.

He said the incident at Sambuca's inspired him to open Wimbrey Training Systems to teach people how to motivate others.

He said the only way to change the world is teach people, especially our children, how to be better.

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