Imagine driving down the highway and having a snake slither up your windshield!

A Dunedin man says it turned out to be near 6-foot snake hiding under his hood.

Tim Mokwa grew up in Florida around plenty of snakes, but says even he was surprised when the reptile emerged right in front of his face.

"He just popped his little head up right over here," said Mokwa pointing to the bottom of his windshield.

That little head eventually emerged to reveal a near 6-foot-long snake! "If you look at his size, he was longer than the width of my car," said Mokwa.

All this happened in the middle of rush hour traffic Monday on U.S. 19. "My windows were down and he did almost get inside the window. I rolled it up just in time."

Amazingly, Mokwa handled the whole situation in stride pulling into a Walmart parking lot to shoot video.

"In situations like that, flipping out is exactly what you don't want to do," said Mokwa. "The best thing you can do it just remain calm."

Just as quickly as it appeared--"He just kind of slithered his way back down in there."

Mokwa says it was the last time he saw the snake, meaning it could still be inside his car. "You guys are more than welcome to take a look!"

He closed his air conditioning vents just to be safe.

His girlfriend hasn't been in the car since.

"I guess you could say she almost had an anxiety attack because she does not like snakes."

Mokwa, however, wishes the snake no harm suspecting it likely slithered away at night in his apartment complex parking lot.

"Hopefully he's just out here in the bushes somewhere just living a new life."

Story by Beau Zimmer, WTSP-TV