A group of teens in Dallas are bringing one of the city's most painful days to the stage with the hopes of helping a community heal. "Shots Fired" is a piece of documentary theater chronicling the men and women impacted by the mass shooting in downtown Dallas last July.

Mara Richards Bim co-directed the play. She cast all teenagers to tackle the tough subjects ranging from race, police brutality and the sacrifices officers make everyday.

"I work with young people all the time so I know they are capable of so much," Bim said.

The play initially debuted over the Winter but Bim said it felt like the right decision to revive the production around the anniversary of the shooting. The cast interviewed dozens of men and women who were witnesses to the shooting from police to protesters and Brim says every single person has come at least once to watch the play.

"There is a discussion after and nearly everyone talks. We don't ask them to do that but they almost always do," Bim said.

Trinity Gordon is a 17-year-old actress who plays Shetamia Taylor. Taylor was one of the protesters who was hit by the gunman's bullets. Gordon says performing in front of Taylor was something she'll never forget.

"I just wanted to do a good job for her. I've learned so much from her," Gordon said.

For Gordon, Taylor's compassion for everyone involved was one of the biggest lessons in the experience. Gordon says Taylor told her she prays for everyone including the gunman, police and everyone involved.

"That just speaks to the kind of woman she is," Gordon.

The actors say the goal was to show all perspectives and not to "take a side" in any debate.

"Not everyone we talked to agrees and that's okay," said Scarlet Cimillo, an actress playing a community activist interviewed for the play.

Cimillo says the goal is to get the audience listening to new points of view too and she believes the format is working.

"It's amazing to see people engaging. They may be quiet at first but as soon as the first person raises their hand everyone opens up," Cimillo said.

The conversations aren't done yet. Shots Fired runs through July 15th. For information on booking tickets you can call the box office 214-953-1055