The parents of Sherin Mathews returned to back to court Monday morning for the custody of their biological 4-year-old daughter.

Wesley and Sini Mathews appeared in court Oct. 23 for their first hearing but it was pushed back to Nov. 13 so Wesley could hire a civil attorney.

Prosecutors are looking at taking away all of Wesley's parental rights, known as an aggravated circumstances motion and it will likely be filed in the next week or so.

Sini appeared in court Monday, Wesley did not.

His civil attorney said he did expect to see him.

"For whatever reason he was not brought over...I cannot give you that reason. I will say that I did leave a message to have him brought over."

Monday's initial CPS hearing was to find out what the next steps will be for the Mathews' biological child who has been in foster care for the past few weeks. Court will resume Nov. 29.

The state will allow the 4-year-old child to live with suitable relatives near the Houston area.

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The Mathews' biological child has been in foster care for the past three weeks following the disappearance of her sister, Sherin Mathews.

While in foster care, Sini has been able to visit with the child once a week.

Wesley is still in custody at Dallas County Jail and has been charged with felony injury to a child after he provided investigators at the Richardson Police Department with a conflicting story about what happened to his adoptive daughter, Sherin.

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