A map of San Antonio with labels based on who lives there, including race, sexual orientation and income, has gone viral.

The geographic labels also focus on crime, police activity, and night life or jobs in the given San Antonio neighborhood. The map was originally created in 2013 by a website called JudgmentalMaps.com. Recently, a Reddit user updated the map and shared it.

For an uncensored version of the map, click here.

That's the map many Alamo City residents are seeing on social media.

“I went from living here, like where the tourist were, to moving to suburban ghetto,” resident Caidin Zapata said. “That's where I went to high school.”

Zapata called the map “hilarious” and accurate. He said that he doesn’t take offense to it.

Most people who saw the map had a good laugh but weren't totally comfortable with labeling parts of town.

“I live [in the area labeled] ‘gay alcoholics,’ and I think that San Antonio is much more than a map where you can place different types of people,” resident Colleen Prince said.

Others weren’t comfortable with being labeled themselves.

“I just see myself as ordinary,” said Shabbou Ghahremani, a Dominion resident. “I thank God every day that I’m not in need.”

One label people noticed was not on the map was “home.”

Erin Otto moved to San Antonio after the military assigned him here. They’ve decided to stay.

“We really like it here, so this is where we'll be,” Otto said.